Adventure Ahead

This website was created purely out of anxiety and ambition. While the original goal was to have a website for travelers to go to for help and advice, I quickly realized this type of help and advice would be taken differently depending on the individual.

After a lot of thought, I decided to continue this project so people could share their own stories to showcase what they learned or want others to know about as their traveling. This way, multiple viewpoints could be shown instead of one. With the help of many people, I have and hope to continue to growth of this website.

Thus, Adventure Ahead was born. A place for those to share their story and knowledge. A place for those always looking forward to their next destination and developing themselves through others’ past. A place to laugh, cry, and grow.

As a growing community, we want to hear from you! If you have any stories to tell, please submit them through out “Contact Us” page and my team and I will review them as they come.

As always, life is great, Adventure Ahead!

Adrianna Lindeman

Hi there! Since you (hopefully) already read about my website, let me formally introduce myself and who I am.

My name is Adrianna Lindeman. I immigrated to the U.S when I was five years old, just like many other kids whose families from Mexico came over for a better life. While my parents struggled to get my brother and me the things we needed, we made the best of it and dreamed of bigger, better things for the future. Now older, we both have decided on separate paths to fulfill our own lifestyles. While he decided to go into the Navy full time as an active sailor, I decided to join the Minnesota National Guard to enjoy my life as a civilian and serve the place I have called home since I was little.

I mention the National Guard because it really pushed me outside my comfort zone, so much so that I began traveling by myself and with strangers after basic training. Now, after meeting over 100 strangers and visiting multiple locations by myself, I am here to share everything I have encountered and learned.

From skydiving, meeting people off Tiktok, and befriending locals, I’m here to share my experiences’ lessons and mistakes on Adventure Ahead. While very personal, I want you all to see that our life is as interesting as we want to make it. As always, Adventure Ahead! Now, why the website name? Read the “About” section to find out!

“Nothing brings me more happiness than thinking of where I will land next and what I’ll learn from it.”

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