Meeting my Tiktok Crush

Brendon somehow landed on my ‘For You’ page on Tiktok, even though his content had nothing to do with what I liked to watch. One of his videos caught my attention, and I decided to check out his profile. With about 70K followers, I thought his account was still small enough to get his attention. 

I like making the first move on guys because I feel like they don’t expect it. So, naturally, that’s what I did with Brendon. Therefore, I messaged him a week before Halloween and let my friends around me know that I made a move on a stranger off TikTok as we drove to a party. They laughed but wanted updates if there were any. I waited the entire night for a reply, checking if he had seen it, but nothing. So, I fell asleep.

The following morning I woke up bright and early to see if Brendon had replied to my text, but still, there was nothing. My friend saw my sadness and made me breakfast, saying that he was in New York anyways, so that even if he somehow messaged me back, there was no way I was going to meet him. I ate and kept glancing at my phone until I received a notification from Tiktok; it was from him.

I answered right away, and soon we connected through Snapchat. We messaged for weeks, becoming best friends through the app. I had plans to go to New York in December, but I pushed my plans forward to meet him early November. I let him know, and right away, he cleared his calendar to meet me in person. 

Together we made plans, and the closer the day got so I could meet him, the more I wanted to cancel because of my fear of being stood up. I addressed this with him, who also had the same fear. Through this, I hopped on the plane to New York and headed to the big apple by myself. 

There, I messaged Brendon, who always answered right away making me less anxious. I got to the hotel, dressed up as he wanted to go out right away, and patiently waited for him to arrive. I called all my friends who wanted an update and made sure to inform my best friend where I was, and a timeframe of when I would text her as I was meeting a stranger and anything could, honestly, happen. 

I sat on my phone, trying to take my mind off the situation. After about half an hour at the hotel, I received the message “I’m here” from Brendon. I was terrified. My heart was beating so quickly, and I was not even sure how to even introduce myself. I went downstairs to let him into the hotel as it was not open for everyone but guests. I went outside and let him in. 

“Hi, I’m Andrea,” I said

“I know haha, can I have a hug or something?” He responded. 

I hugged him and immediately felt better. Once in the elevator, I pulled down my face mask and asked if I looked like what he expected. 

“Even better, you’re gorgeous.” He responded. He pulled his mask down and asked the same, to which I replied “yes!” and hugged him again.

Once we got to the hotel room, we decided to organize our things and get ready for dinner as he had made a reservation for a nice Italian restaurant. 

Our conversations were pretty dry at first, as we both were still unsure of the situation we had put ourselves through. Yet, by the time we had got to the restaurant, we opened up significantly. He asked to hold my hand as we walked to our destination, which I allowed as we joked and talked. 

At the restaurant, he started filming me, which I thought was funny. I knew he was going to take his phone out at some point because of his growing Tiktok account, but I did not necessarily want to be a part of it. I played along though, and then all of a sudden he became serious.

“I got you something,” He said. 

Brendon then proceeded to pull out a rock. Like an actual grey rock. He later told me he got it on the way out of his house. I was so confused but accepted his offering and laughed. 

Later that night he showed me a video with a guy doing the same thing with his girlfriend, which was the inspiration for his actions. The rock signified companionship, as that is how penguins mate. I laughed; the thought and sentiment were there for sure. 

Once we got the bill, I told him I would pay for half of it as I knew it was close to $300. He declined my offer and paid for that meal and every other meal we went out to get that weekend trip. 

That is as far as I will go with my trip to New York with my Tiktok crush, as the rest is us doing tourist activities. It was an incredible experience, and I even went back to visit him in January of this year. We had a mutual agreement to talk only to each other, but we were not dating. After my January visit, I decided it was best to leave him as a friend and companion because of our distance and distinct viewpoints on life. 

To this day, I am excited to tell anyone and everyone how I met a great man in New York from an app I downloaded as a joke to myself. I often get questionable looks, but I did what I thought would make a great story to tell my kids one day. While Brendon and I do not talk anymore, we both have mutual respect and love for each other. I’m sure we’ll see each other soon, but for now, I wish him nothing but the best.