Traveling Must-Have’s

Check out the editor’s list for traveling must-haves, separated by area for your convenience.

For in-the-air

Water Bottle
Save money by having a reusable water bottle for your trips instead of spending it on overpriced bottled water at the airport.

We all know that the airport is for some reason one of the coldest places, therfore make sure to stay warm by bringing a sweatshirt!

Sweat Pants
Nobody wants to be uncomfortable sitting, so bring something you can easily move in.

Head Phones + Ear Plugs
Bring one or both, you don’t want to be the only one listening to the jet engine or crying baby.

Sleep Mask
Even if your flight is 30 minutes, a good nap is always a good idea.

While the airport doesn’t let you bring in liquids, food is fair game, so bring snacks instead of spending your money on over-priced food.

For the Beach Vacay

Don’t leave the beach with sunburn; save your skin.

Use it to dry yourself off, as a beach blanket, or even as a folded-up pillow, bringing a towel to the beach never did any harm.

Your eyes are among the most sensitive features in your body; protect them by buying a good pair of shades.

While some beaches provide booths for food, it’s always safe to just bring a few munchies to keep you satisfied.

Water Bottle
If you’re going to the beach, you’re most likely somewhere warm; don’t forget to stay hydrated.

A good swimsuit can make or break your day, bring something you’re comfortable with.

For the City Life

Nice Outfit That city life will glow behind you, so make sure to wear something just as stunning for a night out.

Make any picture stand out with some bold sunglasses.

Toiletry Bag
City items are expensive, so make sure to bring extras toiletry items in case of emergency.

Portable Charger
With all that exploring, sometimes it’s hard to remember to charge your phone, so think ahead and bring a portable charger.

Water Bottle Similar to the airport, water can be unnecessarily expensive in the city so make sure to bring your own.

Living the city life means creating a city look to fit the scene, so don’t forget your essentials to make heads turn!

“Investment in travel is an investment in yourself.” -Matthew Karsten

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